Support Services

Support Services

Support Services


We understand the need and utmost significance of clean and hygienic surroundings and being a hospital, the importance is magnified in our eyes. All possible steps have been taken to ensure that all aspects related to room cleanliness, comfortable ambience or waste management (segregation and disposal) are taken care of. Dedicated floors for various specialities have been adopted to prevent the spread of infection and transfer of diseases. The inpatient rooms are cleaned at least four times a day. All the staff members in the hospital have been well trained in infection control practices and management of as per the rules laid down by the Government.

Food and Beverage

While you are in the hospital, your consultant may place you on a special diet. After the initial investigation, our dietician will visit you and in consultation with your consultant, look into your nutritional needs. Accordingly a diet chart will be planned ensuring that your meals are nutritionally balanced and tasty. For an ideal meal plan, you are requested to inform the dietician about your special requirements, especially if you: have food allergies, preferences or dislikes. For medical reasons, you are only allowed food ordered by your consultant. Please note, only vegetarian food is served in the hospital. Diets are provided to each patient under supervision of a dietician at no extra cost.

A cafeteria service with a varied menu is available for the convenience of relatives from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday .


Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the rooms is routinely and thoroughly done before the admission of a new patient. To ensure continued patient comfort, the staff of the hospital makes daily room rounds. During these rounds, various equipment and other facilities in the room are checked and if necessary serviced or replaced.