Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery

Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery

Department of Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery is providing indoor, Outdoor & 24 hrs emergency services by well trained, qualified & experienced Surgeons. The morbidity of surgery in terms of pain, big incision & scar, prolong stay in hospital & post op surgical site infection is reduced by the emergent concept of Laparoscopic Surgery. The department is fully equipped with the state of art laparoscopic instruments and surgical expertise to do basic and advance laparoscopic surgeries.

The High quality endo-vision system, state of art harmonic scalpel, vessel sealer, enseal devices helps in dealing with any critical situation in Operation Theater.

To make surgery safer department has adopted a core set of safety standards as per NABH. For any emergency surgeries department is committed to provide the highest standard of care. We believe in practicing affordable & safe surgical care with human touch involving latest technology & high standards.

Department of Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery - Services

The surgeries (open as well as laparoscopic) which are being routinely performed include:

  • Abdomen: Esophagus, Stomach, Intestine, Appendix, Colorectal, Palpable Lump
  • Hepato-biliary: Liver, Gall Bladder, CBD, Jaundice, Stones
  • Hernias: Inguinal, Ventral, Incisional, Diaphragmatic hernias, Hiatus Hernias
  • Solid Organs: Liver, Adrenals, Spleen, Pancreas
  • Genital: Testicular Swellings, Hydrocoel, Penile problems
  • Perianal: Anal Fissure, Fistula, Piles (stapler surgery), Abscess
  • Thorax: Lung, Pleura, Empyema, Cysts, Bullae
  • Superficial swellings: Lipoma, Dermoid, Sebaceous Cyst, Carbuncle, Abscess, Corn Breast & Thyroid Disorders
  • Limbs: Varicose veins(Laser surgery), Cellulitis, Necrotizing Fascitis, Abscess, Lump Diabetic Foot & Ulcer

General Laparoscopy Surgery Faculty


Dr. Richa Gupta

Mon to Sat 11.00 am to 1.00pm

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Dr Sowjanya Aggarwal

11.00am to 1.00pm (Mon, Wed, Thur & Sat)

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