About Anesthesia

Services at the Department of Anesthesia are available 24-hours. This ensures that pre operative advice and investigations are available for all patients at any given time. The anesthesia team works to provide a painless surgical experience and to ensure patient safety during and post surgery. The Department of Anesthesia is managed by 3 experienced Anesthesiologists of proven track record

Anesthesia Services

  • Preoperative Evaluation Clinic: Detailed history, clinical examination of patient is done and investigations evaluated. Referral is sought if required to ensure smooth and safe surgical outcome. This enables a same-day admission for surgery so that the patient spends more time with family and reduces hospital stay and thus expenses.
  • State-of-Art modular operation Theatre, Anesthesia equipment, Multipara monitors, Ventilators, Patient warmers, Infusion pumps, Fiber optic endoscopes.
  • Expertise in Administration of Anesthesia in difficult clinical situations: This ensures better surgical outcome when patient comes for surgery with co-existing medical problems eg, Heart disease, Metabolic disorders and other systemic problems.
  • Painless Deliveries:Pain relief in Labour is an integral part of the Anesthesia department. Various modalities are explained in antenatal period.
  • Post operative pain relief is provided by Patient Controlled Analgesia: (PCA) pumps, epidural infusion and other means.

Anaesthesia Faculty


Dr Rajesh Dhall

Tues, Thur, Fri & Sun (On Call)

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Dr Swaraj Garg

Mon & Wed (On Call)

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Dr Rakesh Atray

Sat (On Call)

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